Common Entrance Tutors in Hampstead 

Is your child going to be taking the 11+ examination? If so, you may have many questions: do we need a tutor to help with preparation; when should we start to prepare/revise; will my child be able to achieve; will my child cope with the pressure; and so on! Feel free to give us a call and we can help answer these questions, and more, for you. 

Private 11+ Tutor Near You 

The 11+ entrance examination is sat by children wanting to enter a grammar school in year 7. The exams take place towards the end of year 5 or the beginning of year 6. Whilst the exam that children sit varies across the country, they all include a combination of the following: English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning/spatial awareness. 
The English and maths parts of the exam tend to be based on the knowledge learnt by children as they go through primary school and follow the National Curriculum. However, school learning does not cover the verbal and non-verbal reasoning/spatial awareness content on the tests. 
This is where Tutortoo's 11 plus tutors in Hampstead services come in! By using our common entrance tutors in Hampstead, you can help to set your child up for their best shot at the 11+. Whether your child needs help with the English or Maths side or the spatial awareness aspects of the test, our tutors develop personalised learning plans to help best support your child. 
For children with additional needs, our common entrance tutors in Hampstead can also help to support them and get them ready for their 11+ too. By teaching & showing your child the work in a way that they understand, our tutors will teach your child at a pace that will prepare them and build a solid foundation for them & their academic future. 

Preparing Your Child For The 11+ Exam 

The thought of facing the 11+ examination can feel fairly daunting for many children and also for their parents. As a parent you may feel unsure where to start with preparing your child for the examination. You can definitely help your child at home by encouraging them to read a variety of different books, building up their bank of vocabulary and encouraging them to use maths at a practical level as much as possible. 
There are a number of different 11+ exams so we advise all parents of children taking the 11+ to find out exactly which exam they will be sitting for the school they wish to apply for. Once you know this information, we would encourage you to obtain a number of test papers for your child to practice with. These are readily available through a quick online search. Our specialist 11+ tutors will also provide test papers should you decide to opt for additional tutoring support. 

Specialist Support Available 

Whether your child will be taking the GL Assessment or CEM in standard form or multiple-choice format, our expert 11+ tutors can provide you with the tutoring support your child needs to achieve the best marks they are able to. Our tutors use a variety of methods to suit your child so they improve their English and maths skills and master the techniques of reasoning. 
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